Welcome to Corporate Images!

Corporate Images (Pvt) Ltd is a fully-fledged print house offering end-to-end solutions. We take pride in undertaking the designing, image setting, processing, printing and finishing of your product, all under one roof. These full range of services ensures efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality of service for all Corporate Images (Pvt) Ltd (CIPL) clients. We, as our tagline suggests, are ‘Not Only Ink and Paper’, and can take your business to the next level.


At CIPL, we strive to offer a seamless, fully-integrated service that facilitates the growth of our clients’ business enterprises.

All departments in our production process work in complete synergy to produce high quality print jobs in the shortest time frames.

CIPL can support enterprises of all sizes. We are especially geared to deliver large volumes even at short notice, and this service is available in all product ranges from business cards to cartons, books, leaflets, posters, danglers, banners, etc.


CIPL is equipped with advanced printing technology and has a team of experienced staff. We can confidently take on a wide spectrum of print jobs. We have in stock a variety of premium imported papers, inks, plates, blankets and consumables so clients can choose from a variety of ‘off the shelf’ products. All this means CIPL can produce quality results for any quantity or schedule.


CIPL has modern equipment that enables the company to successfully design, set, process, print and finish a wide variety of print projects. All equipment is owned, operated and maintained by us, giving us full control of the production process. By keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and acquiring advanced printing machinery, CIPL has been able to produce finished products of the highest quality.

Our diverse client base includes world-class multinationals, local private companies and NGOs. We also have a substantial client base for the printing and supply of office stationery.